Pet owners understand the importance of spaying or neutering their dogs in order to prevent reproduction, but this is only one reason that getting your dog spayed or neutered will help protect their health. Animals that have been spayed or neutered live longer, have a reduced risk for tumors of the uterus, breasts and prostate, and often live a healthier life. As you consider spaying or neutering your dog, it's important to keep in mind the number of benefits of this procedure.

Behavior Concerns When Your Dog is Not Spayed or Neutered

When your male dog is not neutered, he may be more difficult to control. Dogs that are neutered won't mark their territory as often, show less signs of aggression, and won't be prone to mounting other dogs they come in contact with. Female dogs will also be more difficult to control, and when they are in heat because they haven't been spayed, they tend to feel and act miserable. Spaying or neutering your dog makes them less likely to nip at people or other dogs, too.

Overpopulation Creates a Need for Shelters and Potentially Euthanization

When dogs aren't spayed or neutered, the population of dogs begins to grow rapidly. If most dogs weren't fixed, the population of dogs would be out of control. The more unwanted dogs in a particular area, the more there is a need for dog shelters and pet adoptions. Overpopulation leads to many dogs being unloved and euthanized when they are otherwise healthy. Responsible pet owners who are not dog breeders will spay or neuter their dogs in an effort to curb the growing population of unwanted pets.

Certain Cancer Risks Diminish With Spaying and Neutering

Dogs that have not been spayed or neutered are at risk for tumors and cancers of the reproductive organs. When a female is spayed, her ovaries and reproductive organs are removed. When a male is neutered, they are castrated and their testicles are removed. While your dog can still get a different type of cancer, they will not get tumors on their reproductive organs because they no longer have them.

Spaying and neutering has a big benefit to the community, and this is why the procedure is often not very expensive. With plenty of clinics offering reduced fee spaying and neutering for people that can't afford it, there is no reason not to have your pet fixed today. If you have more questions, contact a professional like Haverford Animal Hospital.