If you have never had a cat as a pet in the past, and you are given the opportunity to take in a kitten, you will want to do whatever necessary to make sure it is well-cared for to give it a happy and healthy life. Taking care of a kitten is not that difficult and the steps you take while it is young will lead it down the path toward a wonderful life as a cat. Here are some tips to consider when bringing a kitten into your home.

Make An Appointment

As soon as you find out when you are going to pick up your new friend, make a call to a local veterinarian to make an appointment for an exam for your kitten. It is best to have this done before bringing your kitten into your home to avoid spreading disease to other pets and so you are aware of any conditions your kitten suffers from so you can give it proper treatment. 

Your veterinarian will give your kitten a checkup and depending on your kitten's age, a first round of immunizations may be administered. Speak with your veterinarian about food recommendations and discuss spaying or neutering if you do not plan on breeding your cat later on. Click here for more information on cat spay and neuter.

Feed Appropriately

Your veterinarian can give you tips regarding food portioning. Most kittens will graze a few times a day as they are growing. Place your kitten's food dishes in one area of your home and leave them in this spot so your kitten knows where to look for food when it is hungry. A combination of wet canned food and dried kibble will give your kitten the nutrients it needs to grow and get recommended vitamins. Make sure there is bowl filled with fresh water available to your kitten at all times.

Help With Cleanliness

Your kitten will need a litter box to use for elimination. Make sure to change out the litter often so your kitten remains clean while using it for relieving itself. Cats and kittens will avoid dirty litter boxes, often eliminating in areas of your home instead.

Brush your kitten's fur with a cat brush once or twice a week to keep its fur from matting. Clip your kitten's claws with pet toenail clippers. You can buy a scratching post to help keep their claws from getting too sharp as well.

Give Plenty Of Attention

Kittens love to play and are very curious about their surroundings. Take time to pet your kitten each day so it becomes accustomed to your touch. Encourage your kitten to curl up on your lap for a nap and pick it up often. A kitten that is ignored may become withdrawn and depressed, leading to eating or sleeping difficulties as a result.

A kitten would enjoy playing with cat toys, chasing a piece of string you dangle in front of it, and jumping in and out of empty cardboard boxes. Giving your kitten fun activities to do will keep it fit by adding exercise into its day.