If you have been boarding your pet for a week or two while you were on vacation, you probably cannot wait until you pick up your furry loved one. You do need to be aware that your pet may exhibit some different behaviors after returning home from the kennel. Be prepared to help your dog or cat readjust to home life.   

Calming Down Pets

Pets are going to be as happy as you are to be reunited. As a result, their excitement may cause them to have accidents even if they normally never have a problem. To prevent them from soiling your floors, you need to walk them as soon as you get home or at least let them outside so that they can run off their excitement. You can also help them to calm down by brushing and petting them for a few minutes. Give them some time to celebrate their homecoming.

Thirst and Hunger

You may notice that your pet seems extremely thirsty, so much so that you may wonder if the kennel did not provide enough water. When pets are overexcited, they tend to gulp water whether they need it or not. In fact, you need to limit their water intake, otherwise they may become ill and bloated. Try providing them with a few ice cubes to distract them until they calm down. In addition, keep them away from food and water for a few hours after they return home, if possible. 


Pets might be exhausted when they return home, but for a good reason. They may have really enjoyed the company at the kennel. All the barking and distraction may have worn them out completely. As a result, your pets will probably sleep for extended periods of time for the first few days home. The best way to get them back on track is to put them on a schedule of regular exercise and feedings. In a few days, they should resume their normal sleep patterns.

Even when pets have an excellent kennel experience, they may need some time to readjust to home life. They did miss you, but they may have enjoyed the kennel as well. Switching from one schedule to another may upset their digestion and sleep. Plus, they will be wildly excited to see you once again. Shower them with love and attention and give them some time outdoors so they will not have accidents in your home. Soon they will be calm and back to normal. 

For more information about pet boarding, contact your local pet boarding facilities.