If you have more than one cat, assessing the health of all pets and having a plan in place to keep everybody healthy and happy is a must. This might involve a little planning and effort on your part, but owning multiple cats is a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously. Here are four tips to help come up with a game plan for your cats healthcare needs.

1. Cat Home Assessments

If you can monitor your cat's overall well being at home, you will be much more likely to notice if there are changes in your cat's physical appearance. Weigh-ins can be easy to do at home to make sure cats aren't rapidly gaining or losing weight. You can give your cat a quick physical evaluation while grooming, looking for lumps or skin irritations. Ask your veterinarian for tips on how you can successfully check your cats for issues from home.

2. Schedule Checkups Ahead of Time

If you have more than one cat, it might seem like a lot of effort to get all of your pets to the vet for checkups. It is important to make time for this even if you have multiple cats. If you can spread these out throughout the year rather than having them all around the same time, this will be easier to plan for financially and will be less disruptive to you and your cats.

3. Well Being in the Home

There are things that you can do to keep multiple cats happy and harmonious in your home. Be sure to have multiple cat boxes so that cats don't become territorial. It is a good idea to have a set feeding time with individual bowls rather than free feeding. This way you can monitor all cats food intake and everyone will get a chance to eat. Mood stabilizers such as pheromone sprays are a good idea to keep the peace with indoor cats as well.

4. Have the Vet Come to You

If you have multiple cats, it might not seem feasible to schedule appointments for all cats on a yearly basis. If you have shy or skittish cats, having the veterinarian come to you to see multiple cats at once might seem like the best bet. They can assess all cats on the same day and administer booster shots in your home.

As a pet owner, you have made a commitment to keep your cats happy and healthy. Sometimes having multiple cats can seem overwhelming, but if you can get ahead of their needs you will ensure the best environment that you can for your cats. Remember that their health is in your hands to take this task seriously.