You love your dogs and you want to protect them from harm. Some of the potential harm can come for common products you have around your home. Dogs love to investigate the world around them, which means they'll taste just about anything they come in contact with—including things that can cause them harm. Here are four common items you should keep away from your dog.


Antifreeze sometimes has a sweet flavor that dogs love. Unfortunately, antifreeze is extremely toxic. If you have bottles of antifreeze around your home, be sure to keep them up and away from your dogs. If your car leaks antifreeze, you should keep your dog away from the puddles. It's a good idea to sprinkle a small amount of sand or kitty litter over the leaks. This will prevent accidents should your dog come in contact with the leaks.


Chocolate may be your favorite candy, but it's not good for your dog. You might not realize this, but chocolate contains an ingredient called theobromine—which is a powerful stimulant that's toxic for dogs and cats. In fact, just one piece of chocolate can kill a small dog or cat. Keep your chocolate treats up and away from your pets.

To prevent accidental ingestion, keep a bowl of pet-friendly treats next to your chair. While you're eating your chocolate, you can feed your pet their own treats. This will help prevent them from trying to get the chocolate.


If you have tropical houseplants, you might have one or two that are toxic to dogs. Plants such as dieffenbachia and dracaena are extremely poisonous. The holiday favorite, poinsettias are also toxic if eaten by dogs. Take a look around your home. If you have poisonous plants, you should place them out of reach of your pets.


If you smoke, you may be jeopardizing your dog's health without even knowing it. The nicotine found in tobacco is one of the most toxic substances your dog can come in contact with. Whether you smoke cigarettes, chew snuff, or smoke a pipe, keep the tobacco away from your pets. Even a small amount of tobacco can make your pet sick.

You do everything you can to protect your pets. Sadly, accidents can still happen. Accidental poisoning can happen when you least expect it. The list provided above will help you protect your pets from the dangers that might be in your home. If your dog ingests any of the substances discussed above, you should get them to an emergency veterinarian, like Robert Irelan DVM, as soon as possible.