The winter can be hard on your body due to the colder temperatures, but it is important to also consider the impact it can have on your dog. In order for your dog to be comfortable during the colder months of the year, you should set aside some time to get the house ready with them in mind. Making some changes around the house and when caring for your dog can make all the difference in keeping them healthy and happy.

Buy Cozy Beds for Your Home

The easiest way to warm up your home is through placing a few beds in their favorite rooms. Instead of just piling on blankets, look into providing a few electric heated beds for added warmth. Similarly to heated blankets for your own bed, a plug-in electric bed can be the perfect way to keep your dog warm when the temperature begins to dip.

Discuss with Your Vet the Ideal Temperatures

If you are uncertain about whether your dog can spend time in your backyard like they do for most of the year, it may be best to set up a visit to your veterinarian. Depending on the length of your dog's coat and what breed they are, it may be a bad fit for you to have your dog stay outdoors due to the risk of hypothermia.

Your veterinarian will also help give you advice regarding what temperature to set the interior of your home to and whether you should purchase a few sweaters that your dog can wear for added warmth.

Keep an Eye on Any Signs of Injury or Discomfort

Hypothermia can be uncomfortable and in some cases even lead to frostbite if not addressed right away. In order for your dog to be kept comfortable, it is important to look into the first signs of frostbite and what you can do it if it occurs.

Keeping the number to your veterinarian handy can help ensure that you are able to reach medical assistance right away if you suspect that your dog may have frostbite or even the beginning stages of hypothermia.

As you explore all your options for keeping your dog comfortable during the winter, you will begin to see just how crucial it is to keep them warm. From preventing medical issues to just keeping them happy, your efforts will certainly pay off as the weather begins to cool down.

Contact a hospital like Centennial Animal Hospital for more information.